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02-25-2013, 10:36 AM
Tho to get around the amd cant use it argument i think the way funcom have done for their mmo engine is to use physx by nvidia server side so all users can experience it. Also apparently it helps performance too cos of it. Which is actually a damn fine idea. Letting all users experience true physx effects and simulations without the need of the hardware on the users end. God i hope cryptic can investigate it as at least a possibility in the future and look at funcoms mmo engine and its games and try to get that kind of physx in sto. Would love to fire a phaser at a wall and see sparks fly off the point of impact. Or seeing explosions proper ones not a texture in space and nebula damn them being used by physx would be so immersive i mean just think of what eject warp plasma would be like.

Just been reading more about what funcoms done. Apparently one of the big hogs of a mmo is collision calculations and when they implemented nvidia based server side physx it did a much better job than what they had originally and it doubled their performance which in turn let them have more players in a shard and more shards in general etc. So that alone i think would be quite nice for sto to have especially considering their performance issues sometimes when a large amount of players gets in the game like when seasons are released or a event is on. With what they have in place tho opens up more physx possibilites tho as the framework is there.

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