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I don't understand this 'escorts are OP thing' my cruiser can do just as much dps as my escort in something like ISE. Heck I regularly come in 1st place in fleet events over escorts. I just fly my escort more because it's more fun to me, but that's my playstyle.
Have you parsed that? I bet it doesnt beat my escort. It might be escorts with silly boff builds and 1 beam array in back and 1 quantum fore and aft. Blech. Comparing a well-built escort to a well-built cruiser, the escort can dish out WAY more damage, and the cruiser should be able to TAKE a lot more damage.

Here's the problem though, absorbing damage is only an asset if you can, you know, actually take the damage. As in, take threat, have things focus you, etc, like a tank does! This means that for one, they need 1) make escorts die in 1, 2 or 3 hits if they are focused by elite packs or bosses without a healer, 2) overhaul threat mechanics, make them predictable and managable. If a cruiser has threat control maxed AND a threat scaling +Th console, then they should have threat, period. And sure maybe theres some AoE to avoid, or whatever other mechanics, but please fix threat. And then the coupdegrace: 3) They need to make queues for STFs enforce the holy trinity, i.e. at least a tank, a healer, and 3 dps, or 2 dps and a cc or whatever. 4) This is more optional but would be nice: NEW STFs where CC and science abilities are made necessary to complete, rather than either useless, or just nice to have around when someone screws up! Oh, and number 0) which I forgot, was that all ships should have roughly equitable turn rates. Turn rate should have zero to do with size, or tankiness, or ability to do damage, make it all the same, and all fun. The tradeoffs should be tankiness versus heals versus damage versus CC. So, equalize all turn rates!
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