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02-25-2013, 11:54 AM
I've put this below in a key bind file now and are gonna start try use them.

Note: I set FOV 20 as lowest cause it seems I couldn't set it lower.

Numpad1 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 20"
Numpad2 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 25"
Numpad3 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 30"
Numpad4 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 40"
Numpad5 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 55"
Numpad6 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 60"
Numpad7 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 70"
Numpad8 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 80"
Numpad9 "gfxSetDefaultFOV 90"

Also another tip, check out the threads about renderscale for taking even better screenshots, like this for example:

That too can be included in a key bind file/s.