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02-25-2013, 12:21 PM
I had one of those Oddy captains saying "leave the cube at 10% and then go to the center" just an hour or so ago. Made my day in a low-mid DPS team. I was in my alt so it really was a lot of hassle. Eventually what we did was RML with a lot of work on my behalf stopping raptors. Thank you my little sci-scort!!!
I've seen the same for the gates at KASE - put one at 10% and then blow them at the same time. It actually makes sense, but most of the time I'm a probe guard, but once my gate is gone, I can go to the other side and drop a good 30-40% of the gate's health in a matter of seconds (so in the end, the job is done faster).
There should be a big sign somewhere "THE 10% RULE APPLIES ONLY FOR ISE" you (peep) (peep....peep).

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