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The second package is a dual heavy cannon, a dual beam array, and a heavy hitting torpedo (again, your choice). Rear weapons, are a borg cutting beam (or turret), a beam array, and a mine launcher. This one works well with point and shoot science powers, and switching between power setups is very helpful (more aux for gravity well, etc; more weapons for shooty-shooty) I find an engineering turn buff BO helps this build but isn't essential.
The main reason this works is that, unlike with most ships, a carrier can avoid skirmishing for the most part, knock down its impulse to 25%, let the pets get in the middle, and fire from several kilometers away.

Until you find a fleet with Tier 5 Science, your best bet for DPS pets will be the Elite Scorpions. If you haven't gotten your New Romulus reputation that high yet, Peregrines make acceptable substitutes (especially Advanced Peregrines).