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*Kela smirks*

Kela: I am seventeen old hag. I have this for you.. As I am sure you and James would like to see its contents.
Sam: Err... I'm 29.

*She drops the forcefield so Kela can slide it over to her.

Starbase 594. The Matthew Neilson and the Republic have rendezvoused with every Ship in the surrounding sectors (219 ships) in a last-ditch effort to stop the Borg-Synthesiser Ship before it reaches the base. Matt and Will are in the Shuttlebay addressing The ship's fighter squadron as their ships are being prepped below deck.*

Matt: Alright Gentlemen, we don't have much time so I'll keep it brief. We've lost contact with Deep Space 16, and can only assume they've also fallen to DeSalle's vessel.

This ship killed an entire colony of innocent people, so we doubt that 200 ships will be able to stop it, but she doesn't appear to have fighter craft, so that gives us an advantage.

Will: The Cylinder's secondary Antimatter Beam guns have an even higher firing rate than those on an Iconian Vessel, so we're not taking any chances when it comes to a bombing run.

Yes lieutenant?

Pilot: Sir, aren't this ship's shields almost impregnable?

Will: Almost. We haven't been able to do significant damage before the Borg adapted to our attacks, but the phased torpedoes got through.

Matt: Most of you will remember the F-30 Lightning-Class Scout Fighter. Since she's faster than the Raptor, Alpha Wing will be flying specially modified versions of these.

These fighters have been designated F-30A Ghost-Class Fighters. We've overhauled the impulse systems and added an extra impulse engine.

Pilot 2: Sir, you can't add that much to the space-frame without removing something.

Matt: Right you are. Because of the nature of this mission, we've removed the fighter's warp drives and warp core. You'll be powered by a Matter-Antimatter Module replacing the fusion cell.

Why remove both Warp Drives AND the core? Since you'll be the only 4 fighters of her type out there, we need to make sure you'll do a hell of a lot of damage. The Nacelles are being retrofitted to house trilithium warhead missiles.

Will: For that reason, your micro-torpedo launchers have been removed to alleviate power strain, however, the launcher is being replaced by a third phaser cannon.

Matt: Finally, the more veteran Lightning Pilots of you will notice that there's still a large gap from removing the Warp Core. This is because it's being filled by a Phase Generator.

The Republic Engineering Division has been working on scaling this technology up for fighters for years. It'll burn out after one use, and you'll only remain phased for 5 seconds.

Once you launch, you'll head straight for the Cylinder at full throttle. Get as close to the shield as you can before you activate the Phase Generator. The generator will allow you to phase through the ship's shields.

Your target will be the Vinculum. It's the heart of any Borg Vessel, and is what processes and organises the thoughts aboard a single Borg Cube. It's also what connects that vessel to the greater Borg Hive Mind.

Will: Theoretically, destroying the Vinculum will have the result of forcing a reboot of every drone on the ship.

Definitively, we know that without the Vinculum the Borg will be in chaos due to the unfiltered brainwaves of the Vessel's Collective Mind.

Matt: I should warn you; DeSalle kept the Collective in order for years without access to a fully functional Vinculum due to her more liberal attitude toward her Drones, but we have no way of knowing if that's changed.

Also, there's no guarantee that this will stop the ship. We know that the Synthesiser Leader is onboard, and there's no telling how many Synthesiser Drones are serving as crew for it. We may be wasting our time.

That's why you're being fitted with two missiles each. They're short range, so get close. Your secondary target will be the primary Antimatter Gun Array at the front of the ship. With the firepower you're being fitted with, it should turn the front of that ship into jelly.

Beta and Delta Wings will be providing support for Alpha in the Raptors. Your Raptors are being outfitted with Antimatter Scatter Pods, which should scatter the enemy's sensors for a few seconds while Alpha goes in. You're also being fitted with Quantum Micro-Torpedoes and Zero-Point Cannons.

Pilot: ZPCs on a Fighter?

Will: The tech boys in Delta Quadrant have been working on miniaturising the ZPC for use on fighters for years. These things pack a much greater punch than Phasers, but they'll also use more energy from your cannons' power reserve. You'll get a 10-shot volley, and will have to wait 3 seconds between volleys.

Matt: Beta will travel ahead of Alpha using their Antimatter Pods to scatter the enemy's short-range targeting systems until Alpha can penetrate the Shield Perimeter. Delta will be on stand-by near the Neilson in case DeSalle launches fighters or Beta suffers heavy losses.

Alpha, we only have these 4 ships, so if you lose a pilot we can't launch a reserve to take their place. Also, we can't rearm the Trilithium Missiles, so make those shots count.

Will: In other words: Don't miss.

Matt: Alright, one last thing.

This is an incredibly dangerous mission. There's a strong chance that anyone joining Alpha Wing won't come back. Beta and Delta will also be at extreme risk, so this is a voluntary mission. If anyone wants to back out, do so now. There won't be any consequences.

*The entire line of pilots step forward.*

Alright. Get ready for emergency launch as soon as 20 minutes. Dismissed.

*The pilots walk out of the shuttlebay. Will turns to Matt.*

Will: Wish I was going with 'em.

Matt: Tell me about it. Come on, we need to get up to the bridge.

*5 minutes later, Hangar. 4 "Ghosts" are being prepped for launch. 4 pilots walk over to the Supervising Technician.*

Pilot 1: How much longer, Chief?

Tech: You'll be good to go in 10 minutes--

*He looks at one of the techs mounting the ZPCs on one of the Raptors.*


*Sparks fly out, causing the tech to wet his pants and jump back, dropping the cannon on the deckplate. The Supervisor facepalms.*


Delvanis, give Oriento a hand!

*He looks back to the pilots.*

Beta and Delta may be slightly longer than planned.
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