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02-25-2013, 12:01 PM
I just finished publishing "Dark Alliance 2: Black Spiral". It's my second project, and I learned a whole lot making this one, as well as uncovered quite a few bugs that I'm avoiding on the current one I'm working on now.

I wanted to try the whole "building in the sky" technique I've seen on various missions. Unfortunately, the objects I was using had severe pathing problems which caused the BOffs and the enemy NPC's to fall through the platforms whenever they encounted anything on the map. Pathing is a HUGE problem on every custom map, so I kept having to publish to the live server to test out any issues.

Some objects worked, but replacing the ones that didn't would ruin the feel I was trying to create, so I separated the map into two parts. It worked out, because I used some random build pieces to create a tram system going from one part of the complex to the other.

I also figured out that triggers work across maps. So something you do in one map could have an effect on the other. I tested it out with a pop-up conversation trigger and it worked perfectly. I'm going to try to make more use of this in Part 3 (like having different characters appear based on prior conversations, etc. Only problem is that you can't incorporate this into the story string.

The big challenge I have now, is that Part 2 ends with the player separated from his/her ship and crew with no away team. My first map on Part 3 starts with that. I know there are ways to spawn a character solo on a map, but that tends to be buggy sometimes and I want to perfect it, so I'm trying different techniques to see if there's a more solid method.

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