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Originally Posted by bottle0rum View Post
I'm having the same issue. Every time I use rapid fire my Kumari wing cannons go from dealing ~5800 damage per hit to only dealing ~1100 damage per hit. All my other cannons damage is unchanged. The wing cannons apparently don't play well with boff cannon abilities AT ALL.
This is because while the normal attacks for the Wing Cannons are super slow and heavy on burst (much like torpedoes), the Rapid Fire mode hits much faster (the same rate of fire as a standard DHC).

A standard Wing Cannon attack hits about once every 3.75 seconds (it takes 0.75 seconds to activate and has a 3 second cooldown between shots).

When in rapid fire mode, you hit 4 times every approximately 2.2 seconds. That's 0.55 seconds per hit.

In the same time frame as you can hit once with a normal attack, you can hit approximately 6.8 times with Rapid Fire. This isn't exact, since you're not always going to be firing continuously, latency can cause minor alterations, etc.

But with your sample numbers of say 1100/shot with Rapid Fire, assuming you hit 6.8 times as fast, that'd be about equivalent DPS to hitting for 7500 in one shot. If your base damage is 5800, this shows a significant increase by switching to Rapid Fire.

Edit: To clarify, those sample numbers are not necessarily representative of the actual DPS difference between these abilities. I'm simply using the numbers in the example.

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