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02-25-2013, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
This is an idea from the sick idea factory that is my brain-Branflakes has floated some map setting ideas to better PvP-which is good.

But it doesn't, imho, go far enough into the realm of addressing issues.

You've all had it happen (except the ones that it hasn't happened to yet): The que pops, you go into an Arena, there are four other 'people' icons, your team gets wiped and at the end of the match, on the little display, there is your answer as to why:

"So_and_So@Thusandsuch Damage dealt:0 Healing:0"

if you were aware of what was around you, you might have noticed that B'rel, or Defiant, parked by the gate, doing nothing.

There should be a way to MARK this guy as a TARGET for the other team. "Bonus points to kill this leeching *******."

and for the guy who just doesn't res?

autokick his lazy ass and bring in whoever's waiting on the que for a match immediately.

Just a thought from the sick idea factory.
agreed, i have only started noticing it since fleet marks were added. one or two guys just sleeping at the gate. i try to remember theyre names for future ridicule