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Sarah stands on the bridge of the Normandy. Looking at the sensor readout.

Jacob: the only thing that's changed is that they are closer. Did you raise our group.

Sarah: yes they have another harvest class vessel but won't reassign it to us. They don't think it is worth it.

Jacob: whose in command.

Sarah: S' tan.

Jacob: I know him. Let me contact him directly. If we could get a harvest class mobile command ship here it could give us the support we need.
*R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, Bridge.*

Ops: Sir, the Republic is hailing.

Matt: Onscreen.

*David appears on the viewscreen.*

David, what's the problem?

David: Lieutenant Saph just upgraded our long range scanner. We've located the enemy ship.

Matt: Good.

David: Not good. It's changed course. DeSalle's not messing around anymore. She's headed directly for Sector 001.

Matt: Oh hell...

David: Matt, it's course will take it through the Kazaran Cluster.

Matt: John?

John: The Kazaran Cluster isn't just a Spatial Anomaly Cluster. It's a Class 1 Navigational Hazard. A Minefield of Quantum Singularities so close together that even fighters and shuttles avoid the area.

But, I wouldn't put it past DeSalle and her Synth Allies to come up with a countermeasure.

The Kazaran Cluster is right along the thinnest area of the Frontlines. If it gets past the Cluster...

David: Then the door to Earth is wide open.

Matt, there's no way Preston's forces can stop that thing before it reaches Earth, and definitely no way to stop it once it reaches Earth.

Matt: Alright. Ops, call Supreme Commander Taragi and Admiral Ramez! We need to get every ship we've got to intercept that Cylinder before it reaches the Kazaran Cluster! Have the fleet prepare for a mass fold-jump to the Intercept Point.

We've only got one shot at this.

*20 minutes later.*

Activate the Holo-comm and put me on with Preston on K-7.

*Matt appears in front of Preston at K7.*

Sorry to interrupt gentlemen, but in the interests of humanitarian tendencies I thought I'd inform Preston that his Capital world is about to be scorched into a cinder.

Ramez: Captain, I've already left our frontlines thin to intercept that ship--

Matt: Admiral, with all due respect, even the Iconians and Shedai will be hard pressed to stop that thing. DeSalle has no qualms over violating every Interstellar Law devised if it means accomplishing her objective.

Even if we had 10,000 ships, I don't feel too comfortable about our chances. I have a plan to destroy the cylinder, but it only has a 40/60 chance of succeeding.
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