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02-25-2013, 01:41 PM
As an "I spend too much time in my damn cruiser" pilot (forum threads alone prove this XD), I can probably speak with decent authority towards PvE cruisers. And as such, the currently best easy to acquire DPS/Tank end-game cruisers on the fed side are the Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit, Fleet Excelsior (god I hate saying it, but it's true), and the Tactical Odyssey with Chevron Separation.

Now the cheapest of the 3 is the Imperial-Class Fleet Assault Cruiser. It only costs 2k Zen to get it (unless you get the Regent, in which case it only costs 500, but the Regent costs 2500), but has the highest limiter on it (Tier 5 shipyard). However I find my Imperial to be quite impressive on the battlefield in both PvE and PvP. As PvE goes, I can sustain rather strong DPS against most enemies, and she can take one HELL of a beating. Her maneuverability is acceptable, and her BOff layout is also quite nice (only gripe I have is not enough science potential, but meh, whatevs), and her console layout is VERY acceptable (4 tactical, 4 engineering, 2 science). She also has a nice power overlay, with an additional +10 power to weapons, +5 to shields, and +5 to auxiliary. Overall, on a scale of 1-10 on DPS fed Cruisers, I give her an 8.

The next one is the Fleet Excelsior. She costs 2500 zen (unless you have the VA version, in which case she's only 1, which brings her cost to equal that of the FAC+Regent Combo), and has the very easy requirement of a Tier 3 shipyard. I do not fly her, since I hate that ship class, but from what I have seen of her in game, in both PvE and PvP, she's a very powerful little ship. She can hand out the pain quite nicely, and takes a rather hefty beating before needing to heal up. She can move quite well (highest turn rate of fed cruisers, go figure), but her BOff layout is... sub-par. That extra engi ensign is almost useless in many cases, and it also puts her damage output below that of the Imperial. As consoles go, she has the same setup as the Imperial which gives her good damage output and good tank. Her power levels are balanced with +5 to all subsystems (that combined with her ensign engi as opposed to tac makes her damage output slightly lower than the Imperial). Overall, my intense dislike for this ship aside, on a scale of 1-10 on DPS fed Cruisers, I give her a 7 (and ONLY because of that ensign slot and slightly lower bonus weapon power).

The final ship is the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser. This ship is... complicated. She has the lowest tank and base damage output of the 3 (irony: she used to be the second toughest fed ship in the game, now she's #5), but is by far the most versatile. But from a purely damage perspective, she is still equal. And here's why. She has the highest base cost (5k zen, because you need at least 2 of them, so you might as well get the 3 pack), but the lowest limiter (only one being a level 50 requirement). I have her, and she performs well in all circumstances. She can deal hefty damage and take quite a beating to boot. Her power layout is identical to the Imperial, but her console layout is more balanced than the other two (3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science). She also has the lowest base turn rate and the worst inertia rating, and lowest impulse modifier.

So how can she keep up with the other two in damage you ask? Well she also can use the Chevron Separation Console (requires Operations Odyssey), which gives her a massive boost in maneuverability (more than doubling her base turn rate and increasing her movement speed), also boosting her weapon power by another 10, but at the cost of some shields, hull, and some shield and aux power. But the real kicker is the LtCmdr Universal station she sports. If you put that to Tactical, it gives her more tactical BOff slots than the other two. And it also gives her higher ranking ones (Imperial only comes with an added Ensign, Excel none). Put all of that together, and you get a ship that can deal quite a lot of damage, but again at the cost of some tank. Another kicker is that if this ship dies while separated, you need to wait 5 minutes before being able to separate again.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10 on DPS fed Cruisers, by herself I give the Tactical Odyssey a 5. However during the effect of Chevron Separation (provided you get it/use it), that score increases to a 7.5.

So of the three, I rate the Imperial the highest, with the Excelsior and Odyssey slightly behind.

Another possible option (as was pointed out earlier in the thread) is the Galor. She is a squishy end game cruiser (hull-wise), and has a less than stellar BOff layout (not enough sci). But this is made up for by having a balanced console layout (leaning towards engineering, she's still a cruiser after all), a wonderful power layout (+10 to weapons and shields), a very impressive shield mod (1.3), and a very high turn rate (base of 10) with a strong impulse modifier. The ship also comes with 4 Spiral Wave Disruptors, very nasty BAs, and allows you to purchase more from the Dilithium store upon acquisition. My overall rating of this ship as a DPS/Tank Cruiser would be a 7.5 (only because of the BOff layout and consoles).

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