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Funny story, I was actually giving my story's epilogue another quick edit to explain why Ibalei wasn't changed very much after being joined when you posted here.
Ahh, that makes much more sense

Feel free to bash the coda I wrote to the underlying arc of my LCs

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Although, you do make an interesting point about what could happen to Bryan...Hmmm...Could make for a good side-story...
I'm not suggesting that he get busted out of his command, but maybe an enquiry as a formality as to why he chose to engage the incoming cube, rather than retreating from it might be interesting to explore... I think that was what struck me most in Q-Who... Once the tractor beam was broken, my order would have been to come about and depart at maximum warp, not sit around waiting to see what happened next (I know, that wouldn't be good drama, but not the most sound command decision Picard ever made ) I absolutely loved the look on his face after, when Guinan pointed out that the Borg would be coming for him (even though they were en-route anyway...)

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