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The title of the thread is pretty self explanatory. I am a new player(about 2 weeks old) so am still in the process of learning about the various aspects of the game and I'm looking for a Fleet. I am however a long time Star Trek fan and have much experience with other mmo's. I won't go into too much detail about myself or my history as not every Fleet out there is going to be suited to me as a candidate and vice versa. So leaving the personal history until later conversations I'll make a start by outlining the type of Fleet that I am looking for. I will just say that whatever Fleet I end up in I shall make efforts to be active, contribute and an otherwise worthwhile and valued member.

My initial impulse is to look for a roleplay Fleet(Non rp fleets please don't look away at this point), given my long time love of Star Trek the idea of flexing my roleplay muscles in STO has a certain appeal; so any roleplay Fleets out there that fit the bill please don't hesitate to drop me a line. There are however certain things I'm looking for in a Fleet that based on experience in other mmo's some roleplay Fleets may struggle to provide.

First and foremost Fleet has to be active(both during the week aswell as at weekends), there are few things that I find more frustrating on a day to day mmo playing basis than having a Fleet/Guild that results in me spending half my time in what feels like a graveyard Fleet.

Secondly as most people put in these kind of requests in my experience, I'd like a Fleet with a good social atmosphere. Friendly and mature are the most common buzzwords in this respect.

Last but certainly not least, a Fleet that actually does things together. Not a purely social Fleet, I want to do things with my fellow members. For a roleplay Fleet this has the added proviso of doing more than just roleplaying together, I've been in a couple of groups in other games that were roleplay groups and they ended up doing nothing together outside of roleplay. This can imo get a little stale after a while, because if people aren't actively out and doing things so only logging in to roleplay the conversations can get somewhat repetitive.

I've prattled on enough for now and I'm sure a number of people will just skip this request as it was too long hehe.

Oh one final note, I am in the UK, so bare that in mind when considering if your Fleet's activity level will be friendly to EU timezones. I do often stay up late and so overlap with US players a bit, but this should be considered more the exception than the norm.