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I've been putting in time where ever I can working on Part 2 of In the Shadow of MIDAS. I'm making slow progress, but like it's prequel, it's a big mission. The big thing I've been working on is the showcase puzzle for the mission.

It basically involves using your communicator to coordinate with other members of an away team. To achieve this I'm using a persistent map dialog. (A dialog where all available options lead to failure.) When ever the dialog completes, it collapses to the Ops button along the side. I can then use the Dialog Prompt Reached state transition to detect when certain orders are given and trigger map changes accordingly. This means for example you can have one character man a security console while you move through having them unlock security doors along the way.

I'm still working out the details, but I'm hoping that I''ll also be able to have you be able to call in security team support or contact the ship and find out if there is any change outside.
That sounds incredible! I hope you'll share how the mechanics of it works; your description is intriguing but I'm not understanding the setup.
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