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02-25-2013, 01:22 PM
Is there any change planned for the firing rate of the platforms? At the moment the platforms fire only when the Wing cannons fire, and seeing as you said these weapons are designed to do less damage than a normal weapon, having these fire at such low rates makes them less than lovable.

Also can we have the platforms be locked in position to the sides of the ship and not behind and have them move a lot less. Or maybe have them circle around the Y axis. Kinda like Options, its annoying when your doing fast runs through exploding enemies and ur platforms stay so far behind they get stuck in explosions and warp core breaches.

One last thing that could be made to improve the platform is that when using the 3 console set the platforms also benefit from your shield repair and hull repair abilities. Whn you use it on you the effect also affects the platforms.

Oh and for gods sake lower the cooldown from 3 minutes to like 1 minute or something cause its ridiculous, when your doing dailies and missions that require map changing, you summon the platforms only to warp out and then bam 3m with no platforms. Its like you spend most of the time without being able to use the platforms when you are running regular missions.