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# 1 Serious Bug issue
02-25-2013, 02:25 PM
Ok since no in game tickets are getting addressed... here goes...

i find that after coming back after a few months to check on the status of the game that I am now suddenly unable to access anything past the first 4 ships on any of my characters. I PAID for those slots and regardless what is done, including file by file verification, I am unable to place Bridge Officers on those ships.

You all make the decision of me leaving the game along for 60+ days an easy one and I am will continue this complaint and Get hold of the Sacramento and for PW International in Los Angles BBB and just file a complaint along with possible legal action after sinking the $700+ dollars into this .... complete farce and absurdity that you all call a game.

Your support structure for placing a help ticket has been broke since I left 60+ days ago. not fixed.
To get hold of anyone to address any issue is like trying to find your way out of a wheat field, blindfolded in the middle of Kansas and your destination is Boston.

Either email me at the email i have on my account with some sort of resolution or further correspondence from me.

Sure you could do the cowardly thing and simply close it and ignore it, get a chuckle or two. Feel confident however when someone gets that BBB complaint they might just stop and ask.. ok... WHY did it take this for us to hear our customer?