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02-25-2013, 02:30 PM
I quite agree that the Fed faction is going to get hit HARD when the rom faction appears. The vast majority of players in the KDF faction want to play KDF, very nearly exculsivly (I have 9 toons, 3 fed.. mostly there to check out the new Fed toys, and for roleplaying and socializing)Any new faction are going to cause a drawdown in Fed faction numbers.

Personally I suspect the real reason of Trek gamer hatred of the KDF from the fed side is just how badly time and time again the Klingons kicked the snot out of federation led forces in the play of the Starfleet Command series of games (regularly outnumbered by the fed faction by more then 4 to 1 and we STILL kicked thier butt)

Mostly I want equal treatment also for my chosen faction. The KDF tutorial, along with the 1-20 content and some storyline filler in the 20-50 zone would go a long way toward bringing some faction balance. Adding other factions will also effect this by causing more draw down on Fed side.

I'll keep waving the flag on the tutorial etc because to back out of it now would just look stupid and flaky. Though there are other good reasons to insist that it happen, and that Cryptic get the idea that adding any additional factions in such a partial state is a "Very Bad Idea" is likely the most important of them. I am a die hard KDF player and have been since SFC, and Klingon Academy. But I saw with the play of Starfleet Command that there are players that WILL insist on wanting to play any other faction other then the Federation. (can't say I blame them a non fed faction you can make your own addition to Trek history.. the fed story is pretty much locked down.. If I wanted to follow a script I would have become an actor!)

so I wonder what interesting thing we get tossed at us this week?

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