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02-25-2013, 01:35 PM
Hey wazzy,

Feel free to check the link in my sig for our recruitment thread, our FB page from there, and shoot me an in-game mail if you like what you read.

I can answer any questions then and give you some better detail on the day-to-day operations. I can tell you that all are treated equally save the original founders, who are merely given their own rank for their mains. A great deal of the type of experience you have with us is dependent on the times you play, but for the most part there is almost always someone on, with some more populated times than others. I'd have to guess at the weekly activity from an account basis, but out of 67+ unique accounts I'd say 25-30 unique characters are regularly logged in each week, with a good stride on starbase progression.

"Active" is subjective, though if I had to guess, you mean "organized" which usually doesn't mix well with "casual". That said, we've reached a point where more organization is taking shape, and more formal scheduling is taking its first formative steps. This means both a lack of established grouping activity, and a possibility to help shape the way we move forward into organized, scheduled activities. In other words - no bad habits yet, and a chance to get involved in being an organizer, if that sort of thing interests you (or anyone else reading). The difficulty, of course, is maintaining the balance of organization and casual-play and along side an otherwise low/no pressure atmosphere. Thankfully this isn't the sort of game where a DKP system or other hard-core raid policies are possible.
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