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02-25-2013, 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by spartanofborg View Post
a few more old sketches and designs

something that would have looked awsome for the Academy or even the New Romulus Embassy

GO HERE for any other such designs (Perpetual and such)
Nice share, thank you i had forgotten about some of these images.

Originally Posted by redshirtthefirst View Post
These designs are cool in themselves. However, they don't all feel very "trek" to me. Look at what Cryptic had to do with ESD, they had to involve Q to turn it from an original design to the classic "mushroom" look so that people knowing the IP can relate to it...
That is why they are concept art, not final creation. I share your opinion though, alot of stuff from Perpetual was just odd at times but other things were rather interesting.

At least the game got made, that is all the matters at this point.