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02-25-2013, 01:41 PM
Originally Posted by altechachan View Post
As mentioned above, buying any of the Odyssey ships unlock the bridge.

Also, the Aquarius bridge only works with the Odyssey ships anyway since the Aquarius bridge have windows that look out onto the Odyssey's hull.

It's not like you can use that on the Defiant...
Yes it would be inconsistent, but i bet you 90% of us are using a bridge that doesn't match the ship (especially since they apparently can't make the ship display vary.), and in some cases wouldn't actually fit in our ships bridge spot. that's not stopping us. So, horrible excuse to not allow it. Once again I'm planning on paying for a ship anyway way, and i would pay for the bridge separately, or a smaller variation of it. But i get screwed out of the only bridge I have ever liked in this game, because I won't pay real money for a ship that not only would have a hard time orbiting our planet it's turning radius sucks so bad, but doesn't even have the hull points to make up for it. I would figure this request would be no big deal since they only seem to be concerned about making things we have to pay for these days. And i know I'm not the only one who would pay for it. They wouldn't even have to build anything new. Just make it available.