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In my experience, the channels used to be good, but now it's full of people who go there because they heard it was full of good people, so now it's only slightly better than PUGs.
Yeeeah. The sad part is that the Vets in the channel try to help the newbies, but they don't really listen. Of they call US wrong and say that it should be done a different way... that is somewhat... ineffective?

However EliteSTF is still one of the few controlled channels left. You can only get in by invite from the admins, and last I checked, they do screen pretty well.

But enough of that, time for a horror story.

Last night I went against my usual recommendation to all to NOT PUG, and decided to not only pug, but pug a CSE.

So we get started. 2 Odysseys (one freebie, one Ops, both sci captains), a Vesta (the tactical one with another sci captain), a Chel'Gret (me on my engi), and a Jemmie Dreadought (tac captain). Our #5 never joined the match. After a 10 second exchange we agree to do MRRMLL. So I go swooping off to mid and schelack the first BoPs that spawn. They go down in 2 salvos and I get started on the nanites. I look behind, and I see the two Odysseys attacking the right cubes nanites. I sigh to myself and keep on going. It was then that I noticed that there were 3 BoPs on the kang. And nothing else. Thankfully the Dreadnought also noticed and sent it's elite scorpions after them while hauling it's fat rear back to the Kang. It slaughters them and proceeds to do Kang duty for the rest of the match, despite offers from myself to switch.

I destroy the nanites at mid, kill the Neggy and Raptor, and then head over to right, where the two Odysseys are still plugging away. The good news: they hadn't spawned the Neggy and Raptor. The bad news: after 3 minutes they had only killed two of the bottom nanites. Course they were sitting 8k out bombarding (at least they were using single energy types, no rainbows here). But watching their numbers fly by, all I could figure was that they didn't have all power to weapons. Oh wells. I toast the remaining hull off the last bottom nanite, check on the dread in mid (who is doing fine), and then start on the second row. The Odysseys "help" and we spawn the first Neggy. I get hit by an Iso right off the bat, and it bounces to the first oddy (who barely survives), and kills the second one. We destroy the Neggy, but then the raptor finishes off the other Odyssey and and we start duking it out. At some point, the other Odyssey gets back, but he just starts blasting nanites, which is fine by me, I have other things to worry about. I shoot down the raptor, heal up, and check on the dread again (still fine), and then I blow the last nanite.

At this point, the other Oddy has rejoined the living, and decides to go solo the mid cube. Kudos to him. Myself and the freebie Oddy start to kill the right cube. We down it in just under a minute, and I rush off to mid to start on the raptors. To my utter surprise, the Cube in mid is actually at 75%. Considering how low the damage output from the Oddy had been on the nanites, I wasn't expecting it. Anyways, I start on the raptors, and with some help from one of the dread's elite scorp wings, down the 3 raptors. I check on the dread, who is still fine, and then we blow the mid cube.

Things on left start up. 3 Neggys spawn, and myself and the dread get started on them while the Odysseys start killing the nanites. However it seems that the other Odyssey has figured out how to increase his damage output, because the nanites drop pretty quickly. As in two of them were down by the time the dread and I finished off the neggys. We kill the last one, and start on the upper set. Neggy spawns, and we smash it (ty dread for FOMM3 XD). One of the Odysseys grabs aggro from the raptor, and the other from the Cube. The dread and I finish off the nanites unmolested, and then demolish the cube.

The dread says he'll get the kang, and I kill the raptor on the Odyssey (again to my surprise, the raptor was already almost dead... guess the Oddy found it's teeth). We get the optional with 2 minutes to spare. Then the Carrier shows up. Dread and I start blasting it, while the Odysseys poke away at it. However life gets fun when the BoPs spawn. They start on the Odysseys, and just exterminate them. It was... saddening... So I exact revenge and shoot them down. At this point, the Dread has it's FOMM back, and we just burn the carrier down.

17 minutes and 38 seconds was the mission time. Not bad for a 4 man. The real head-ache started once the carrier went down. Up until now, the Oddys hadn't said a word. And THEN they started talking. They commented that yup, their new builds worked well, thanks for the game. I had no words for that... and after a quick GG to the dread, I left.
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