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02-25-2013, 02:01 PM
I would like to see training for several different things.

First, let's have advanced classes based on ship and career. Perhaps someone wants to be a tac officer in a cruiser or myself as a science officer in an escort. The bootcamp training I went through for science officers did little to suggest what captains can do outside their "class" ship type. It would also help to learn more about piloting and how to outmaneuver your opponent.

Second, there should be a class on leading the teams in pvp. Teach us what is expected from team leaders, how to pick the best targets, when to call for heals or subnucs. As a fleet leader, this role often falls to me. This is one area I can definitely use training since right now I mostly just call targets.

Another thing that needs more discussion is the use of keybinds, although this is probably better done via text than voice. Bootcamp gave us the keybinds from the Hilbert Guide and provided basic instructions how to get it to work. Players who do this, however, lack the fine-tuned control necessary to provide heals to the team or to use their abilities at the proper time. This caused at least one of my fleet members to have problems.