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02-25-2013, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by zorandra View Post
I don't mean to undermine this at all I honestly a big part of the sustained damage thread is due to the reputation/elite fleet shields is apart of the problem that it seems that sustained damage is worthless it even started before that with the shield distro officers.

Escorts are the only ones that can do any decent damage apart from bleedthew transphasics/Plasma torpedoes that have the hull burn.

I don't think you are undermining it.

I feel the same way as you honestly and I think a lot of us agree that the passive heals and resistances are one of the biggest issues, turning a lot of it off would be the easiest way to reboot the way PvP is played.

I just look at it and think "can cryptic viably do this without making some players really angry, and is it financially sound?"