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Originally Posted by zorandra View Post
I don't mean to undermine this at all I honestly a big part of the sustained damage thread is due to the reputation/elite fleet shields is apart of the problem that it seems that sustained damage is worthless it even started before that with the shield distro officers.

Escorts are the only ones that can do any decent damage apart from bleedthew transphasics/Plasma torpedoes that have the hull burn.
This is a reason why I suggested greatly increasing Hull Resists caps, greatly decreasing Hull Repair amounts, and even introducing injuries based on Hull damage taken. Pressure bleed through damage in this case would be effective since it would basically be accumulative and have the effect of reducing a ship's overall performance.

Edit: What I've been gathering from Bort for awhile now (based on passive repair/resists and tric nerfs) is the desire to reduce near insta-pops, so newer players don't feel overwhelmed. Increasing the buffer doesn't solve this b/c of the rate hulls can be repaired. You could reduce the repair rate and add hull, but I think it'd be better to increase the resists bonuses from high end Sci/Engie Boff abilities and the Hull resist cap so the "tankier" ships have a more viable means to sustain themselves in a fight w/o reducing Hit and run tactics.

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