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02-25-2013, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by bludagger View Post
Ok since no in game tickets are getting addressed... here goes...

i find that after coming back after a few months to check on the status of the game that I am now suddenly unable to access anything past the first 4 ships on any of my characters. I PAID for those slots and regardless what is done, including file by file verification, I am unable to place Bridge Officers on those ships.

You all make the decision of me leaving the game along for 60+ days an easy one and I am will continue this complaint and Get hold of the Sacramento and for PW International in Los Angles BBB and just file a complaint along with possible legal action after sinking the $700+ dollars into this .... complete farce and absurdity that you all call a game.

Your support structure for placing a help ticket has been broke since I left 60+ days ago. not fixed.
To get hold of anyone to address any issue is like trying to find your way out of a wheat field, blindfolded in the middle of Kansas and your destination is Boston.

Either email me at the email i have on my account with some sort of resolution or further correspondence from me.

Sure you could do the cowardly thing and simply close it and ignore it, get a chuckle or two. Feel confident however when someone gets that BBB complaint they might just stop and ask.. ok... WHY did it take this for us to hear our customer?
If you've been gone for many months (pre Season 7) -- what you're experiencing may be a known issue that was occurring back then. if you do want to attempt to actually play STO; try the following on the ships you can't slot:

On each Boff Station - highlight and actually select "none" on every station. Then go back and see if that restores your ability to select Boffs for those ships.
This was a fix to what Cryptic called a 'one time issue' related to the release of Season 7.

If that doesn't work, then yeah, you'r hosed until Cryptic/PWE decides to respond to your ticket (and I'm not trying to defend Cryptic asd I think tickets like this should be responded to ASAP) -- but just offering a suggestion of something to try assuming you actually do still want to try and play STO 'normally' right now.
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