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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
And we know they're likely to be seen by players as nothing more than a band-aid on the current state of PvP. And honestly, that's kinda what they are.
For Ground PvP all these suggestions are really just a band-aid as you mention. I am sure the Hypo wars are not the desired outcome. We saw the changes from that to the new system. The current issue that appears on ground is the issue of the Power Creep. IT was discussed here:

We are reaching situations where the diminishing returns on resistance is making any new armor only marginally better than before. While simultaneously decreasing the effectiveness of some abilities, thereby making some kits obsolete. On the other hand with the increase damage from new weapons and doffs we are now seeing a linear increase in DPS.

The hit point suggestion for ground would then be to shift the hit points to align them with the intended effect of what resistance should be doing. This really is a band-aid on the core issue. It would almost be best to lower the resistance and base damage of all items to reset the power creep. In effect you would attain the same result and at the same time bring obsolete kits back into play.

Looking into Status Ability Effectiveness is a tough issue. Some effects on ground are very powerful with no resistance effect, where as other Status affects are something you could ignore. This would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis and becomes part of a kit/ability balance issue. Others have suggested stack limiting with better Status effects. Or a diminishing returns of Status effects.

It appears to me that just implementing a combination of a simplified step 1, 2, 3 might stop the gushing wound but it won't stop the infection.

Borticus I wish you Good Luck in this work! Its not going to be simple.


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