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Originally Posted by pug02 View Post
I think we have to make a slight clarification/distinction.

For me the graph does show that the increased power from EPTW resulting in more damage. But that there is not an additional damage from power "beyond" 125. There appears to be a hard cap at 125 but a virtual power level sustaining the power when it drops below 125. This can be seen when lower number of beams are used and there is virtually no damage difference between EPTW I and II.

We do see this sustaining power playing a roll when we reach 6 or more beams, with the divergence in the lines. If there was damage benefit beyond 125 power then we would expect some of this divergence to occur at lower number of beams as well.

Therefore 5 and less beams do not benefit differently between EPTW I and II, because of the hard cap at 125. Virtual power levels do sustain power drops below 125 in case of 6 or more beams.

One thing that isn't clear is that we do see a jump in DPS from FAW II cycle with 2 beams versus FAW II cycle with 2 beams and EPTW I cycle. What is tough to distinguish here is if the 5 second increase energy damage from EPTW I is providing that difference or if the hard cap is slightly above 125. I would have to do some extra number crunching to determine this. I believe someone has demonstrated before that the hard cap might be 135.

If anyone sees more information it would be great to gather some more insight.
thats what i have saying all along! for well over a year now. i really do have this figured out.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
125 is the maximum damage modifier, so every shot that doesn't drain below 125 is fired at the max of that 125 modifier. but instead of the worst shot firing at about 60 power, it fires at about 90.
this is why overcaping makes a big difference. a shot fired at 150 power will deal damage as if it was fired at 125. but that shot wont drain power below 125, only to 140. so if you power was at 150, you could fire 5 or 6 beams befor your weapons energy drops below 125, and your weapons start being fired at a lower damage modifier.

BO , even if you have 150 power when it fires, will drain 50 starting at 125, its an ******* of an ability like that, making beam overload extreamly undesirable really. i hate to complain to much about that, they are more likely to 'fix' overcaping, by removing it. oh boy, you thought pressure damage was bad now...

another point to clarify is that the exact weapons power you have the exact server tic a shot is fired, is the power modifier that determines the damage that shot will deal. so for your fist weapons cycle, your first 6 shots will deal 125power damage, and as your energy level fluctuates between the displayed ~90-125, every one of those shots is dealing damage based on a power level in that range.

if you didn't over cap, every shot would deal damage somewhere between ~60 and 125 power. so having all your shots fired at a power level of at least 90 is humungously beneficial to your DPS. that goes for everything, not just beams. but how DHCs drain power, sometimes their whole fireing cycle is done before other weapons start fireing, they have already returned their energy, so their impact on your energy level is much less then other weapons that hog power 4 seconds each.
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