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02-25-2013, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
The damage modifier from power levels has always been capped at 125.

Exceeding the soft cap of 125 is merely for the weapon drain, thus keeping more of your weapons at the 125 weapon power damage modifier.

And, I believe someone said, prior to Season 6, that the hard cap (which was at 135, then 150) has been removed.
Looking only at 2 beams:

I tend to agree with you that 125 looks to be the hard cap. EPTW I has a 10% damage increase for 5 seconds as a modifier. It should result in a 1.6% damage increase over time from just the buff. The total DPS increase from FAW II chaining to FAW II chaining with EPTW I chaining is 4.5%. The remaining 2.9% appears to come from holding the power up at 125. From formulas provided before I estimated that if there was a hard cap above 125 the power value would have had to be about 129. The 4 power level difference is more likely coming from the drop of power below 125 without EPTW I.