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02-25-2013, 03:07 PM
! ! ! Warning wall of text ! ! !

Hi Borticus, i've got just a few ideas for you:

Some words to space pvp.
First of all, STO is my first mmo and i like pvp. Space pvp is my favourite atm because
i love all kind of Star Trek space crafts. I love to fly around and blow up some stuff
or get wrecked.

I would like to see some giant epic space battles but atm even 10vs10 can be a very short
dissatysfying event.

At the momentary state space pvp is right now the typical 5vs5 arena matches are horrible
if u are new to the game.
Most of the people just play pve then they hit va and think: Mh i've done alrdy every mission
so i queue up for pvp.
The window pops up, he is pressing "engage" and after 60s there is a 5vs5 in Cracked Planet
going on.
He acts like captain kirk, so he is flying with full impuls to the center of the map leaving
his team far behind. Then he hears some sounds, a defiant/bop is decloaking: Cool, a ship
nice decloaking animation he thinks...and all he can do now is "respawn"
He will never learn what happend if all he can do is fly in and die.
I know, there is a pvp bootcamp but u cant get everybody in there.

All this guy would need are a few seconds. Give him time to observe the things that are going on
so he can analyse the situation, make a decsion and maybe if he is lucky he can save his ship form
being wrecked.

To give everybody in STO the time to learn how pvp (or teamplay) works i've got some suggestions
for all u guys in here to think about. So pleas take the time to read it, think about it and
discuss it.

Things to change:

Increasing the ammount of hull and shields is a very good idea.
The following things will happen.
Captain Kirk will get his learing curve so he can understand how pvp works and won't get instapopped
everytime he shows up in a pvp zone.
Matches with more then 5x5 or 10x10 will be possible and they will be fun for everyone.
But while u are increasing hull and shields stats the resist must be drastically lowerd.
I will return to this point later.

Energy Weapons:

I like the weapons sto provides but the way it works could need some new mechanics.
Make energy weapons work good against shields and maybe only half as effective
against hull (this will make torpedos/mines of any sort more useful)
Every energy weapon will need a capacitator.
Make the damage an energy weapons deals depending on the state of charge the capacitator has reached.
Let the player control at witch fill level energy weapons are ready to be fired off.
The weapon power level and the number of empty capacitators will determine how fast capacitators will be filled up again.
This will also determine the time between an energy weapon can be shot with preset or max power.
And of course a player should be able to fire off all energy weapons manually independent of the state of charge the capacitator

This will lead to a few new possibilities

First: a player can decide wether he will do spike damage or pressure damage or both just by moving the
sliders of the energy weapon capacitators.

Second: even a healer or a sci ship flying at full aux and shields will become able to fire of some burst damage.
of course the capacitators will need very long to be refilled if your weapon power level is only at 25.

Third: Even if ur power levels are drained by siphon drones, plasmodic leech or tykens u will be able to do some burst shoots.

Fourth: you can introduce some new consoles to increase the cap of the capacitators.

Fifth: something im not thinking about atm

Kinetic Weapons (torpedos and mines):

This weapons are good against hull and weak against shields. There is no need to change this.
I would change:
No global cd to mines and launchers. It should be possible to fire off all at the same time if u want.
Make torpedos and mines much stroinger against hull.
Launchers need a stock of torpedos/mines so it cant be spammed.

This will work well with the changes to shileds i will suggest later.


I like the idea of different shields.
Covarinat, resilient and regenerative shields are okay.
They all need much more cap and less resists.
The kinetic resists from shileds need to be inversely proportional to the shield capacity a shield facing
has left. This way torpedos and mines will work against still shielded ships. All u need is to hit a weak
shield facing.

Im sure this will lead to a big revamp and some bo abilities need changes too but the skilltree will need no change.

Im sorry for my bad english.

It's late and i will continue tomorrow.