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I'm new to the Foundry and this is my first mission. I'm looking for helpful and constructive reviews (I still need my 5) to try and make the experience better. My first experience in the world of Star Trek was watching the original series with my dad, so I wanted to make my first foundry mission an homage to the series that started it all.

Mission Name: Yet There Be Method In It
Author: pbau3993
Foundry Number: ST-HRKD9HYJ6
Faction: Fed
Level Requirement: 16+ (this may need to be tweaked; I don't have much experience placing level caps)
Time: 30-45 minutes if you read all the dialogue

History has been altered. Samantha Cogley is dead. Her death ripples out across the timeline. History now records Admiral Kirk as having died on a penal colony of old age.

Starfleet Intelligence believes the Klingons are involved. The Department of Temporal Investigations has asked you to investigate and if necessary to right the timeline.

Updated: 3/2/13 with some of my fleetmates' suggestions.
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