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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
Decrease the idle timer. Add a pattern check to determine if there is a repeating input pattern (3rd party macro running on software or Logitech keyboard) and have it ignore those inputs when checking idle. Remove all rewards if idle at mission completion.

The key is, there is 3rd party software and hardware available which would make it possible to even automate the queuing process, queuing, joining and leaving at the end all without an operator. Hell, I've done it myself in previous games, mainly to save myself from carpel-tunnel when farming/mining out in the world, usually still while at the keys, just not repeatedly running the same path and clicking in the same spots. Some of these even record and playback mouse movement. The hard-core paid multi-hacks often have bots with a "wiggle" randomization programmed in to make it more difficult to detect... unsure/doubt any of those have been made for STO (yet).

Better FPSs and other mmos used to have the ability to filter out the repeating patterns which suggest simple "botting" macros used by afk farmers.

Its a matter of applying that same detection here - seek the anti-idle pattern and reject it for purposes of idle, afk flag, and inactivity logout.
Heck there are some software that is getting pretty smart. I saw a youtube for EVE-Online that you could run it and mine for you the system (with proper setup) It will warp in, mine, fight off pirates (depending on where you mine or run away)
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