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02-25-2013, 03:24 PM
Oh, it definitely works with the Borg/Omega Torp - haven't tested with the rommie one yet.

Not only does it put a plasma fire dot on everything in its shockwave, it's an entirely different stack('Shockwave Plasma Fire' or something similiar). Just finished testing it on my still quantum-specced torp boat and the results were just disgusting. When you combine it with a followup spread or high yield, you can just melt swarms of enemies(ideally with a gravity well).

I'm slightly terrified to see what will happen when I put actual plasma consoles, the borg and romulan sets on the ship.. My torpedo specialist is already so far ahead of my other characters it's not funny.

I am curious, but doubtful, if it will work on the BNW or Ferengi missiles though. I could see it maybe working on the Tholian torps.