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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
Yep. I've seen ones with built-in (usually poorly implemented) chatbots to reply to whispers from GMs... but those are few and far between now, and I seriously doubt anyone has spent the time making one for STO. I'll have to check the AAA multi-hack sites and see. I kinda hope not.
you know, I wouldn't be surprise. I see a lot of AFKer in Defera.

I wouldn't be surprise if someone made one. I saw one for Ragnarok Online (RO) that practically PLAY for you. That was a grind fest game. No stories just grind exp and loot.

You can check every once in a while to see what loot you save in the bank and such. They convert all the "pretty graphics" into simple graphics (dots and letters) and there are complex math to do all the work like moving around.

I wouldn't be surprise of packet readers or even screen readers (now they are getting pretty advance for the handicap. I seen some pretty rad screen readers) that couple with a good program can do a lot for you.
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