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In a team setting as well as solo you have different choices for different reasons.

If you are in an escort and by yourself I would target another escort. As the chances I have to kill him will be greater depending on how fast I can take him out. An escort has the least survivability of any ship. Excellent for spike kill if done correctly. If you are in a science ship and by yourself target another science ship or cruiser. They are generally better targets. Bigger, slower and you will find your science skills stick to them alot more effectively depending on your setup than trying to hit a buzzing bee. And generally your job as a science captain in a science ship is to set up the escort to cut through ships that otherwise wouldn't go down. If you are in a cruiser target the enemy cruiser first. Another target just as slow as you. Easy to maintain a broadside on them and/or debuff them regularly as they can only maneuver as well as you can.

In a team setting your choices are unlimited. You could target the healer first and start the fight strong. Bring max pain an test the teams defense right off the bat. You could focus the escorts and start the fight more defensively. Allow the enemy team to make the first offensive move. Wait for the spike buffs to pop up and remove them and the ship that activated them from the match. Or you could target the sci. Take out the middle healing man/ debuff and disabler.

You can even fake your first target and switch to any one of the other two classes on the field. Sometimes your target will depend on the enemy team setup. Sometimes it will depend on how you want to test the enemy team for weak points in either their offense or defense.

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