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02-25-2013, 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
I quite agree that the Fed faction is going to get hit HARD when the rom faction appears.
No, it wont.

People that have invested in their Fed characters are not going to just delete them, they are going to be less played perhaps depending on what comes along with the Romulan Faction but ESD is not suddenly became as K-7 is or Starbase 39-Sierra (I actually had to CHECK that base name) since a lot of people are not going to just give up their toys..

The vast majority of players in the KDF faction want to play KDF, very nearly exculsivly (I have 9 toons, 3 fed.. mostly there to check out the new Fed toys, and for roleplaying and socializing)Any new faction are going to cause a drawdown in Fed faction numbers.
I call BS on all of this.

Everyone will check the Romulan faction unless Cryptic puts a high paywall on it because its new shinny and few will remain with their chosen faction doing the exact same thing they done for YEARS now.

Its new, people will check it because everything else is something they done several times already, there is nothing new to do KDF or Fed side as long it does not cost them a thing, why the hell not?

Also I say this, I have little to no interest with making a Romulan because its 1-to-50 treadmill again, its Rep again down with doing the same STFs I am doing for my 3rd and 4th characters, now for the 5th time and for what? Another "vs" faction ... no thank you.

Personally I suspect the real reason of Trek gamer hatred ...
I could make a long reply about it but I am going to be serious here.

STO come out 8 YEARS after Starfleet Command series that I come to dislike because of were they lead us and this come from someone were one of the early games I recall playing was Star Trek: Judgment Rites.

Oh I played Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy, I prefer Academy even if it was battle heavy at least it was not as annoying heavy as Klingon, I stopped playing Klingon Academy because it was always the same damn thing after a while ...

Oh and I remenber Vulcan Fury, always wondered what happened to that game ... oh, a storyboard ...