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02-25-2013, 03:49 PM
To start:
These ships are gorgeous and i love them, as soon as you fix the bugs and un-nerf them i will happily blow $50 on the whole set!

Now to more important things:

If these ships are made to exemplify every aspect of an escort there is one thing y'all could do... Escorts = Speed and power right? they have the marvelous 5 forward weapon slots which makes them better then every other escort in the game DPS wise, but there are several others (three to be exact) that still have better turn rate and could get behind it and kill it in PVP. So if you increase its turn rate from 16 to 18 (just 2 points) i would be VERY happy! It would then be the best escort in the game, even beating out the stupid and much vaunted Bug.