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02-25-2013, 03:49 PM
I'm going to go against the grain a bit here. I've always agreed with Cryptic's prior stance that separate PvE and PvP mechanics are a design cop out, and risk making PvP completely inaccessible and segregated from the rest of the playerbase.

I see two proper courses of action to take in regards to balance.

1. Balance around PvP first and foremost, with little thought towards PvE. No offense, but PvE in this game is simplistic and overall terrible, and I think deep down the devs know this. You can't possibly break PvE balance because it doesn't actually exist when NPCs are nothing more than mindless HP meat-bags. Nothing you do with player equipment or skills actually matters. The only way to create a balance problem in PvE is by breaking NPCs by giving them silly one off, over the top abilies (eg. one shoting)

2. Make PvE more PvP like, which would also make the game more true to Star Trek. This means toning down the over-inflated stats that NPCs enjoy, and giving them comparable equipment and abilities to player ships. Take away the endless mobs, which feels more like a genocide simulator than anything to do with Star Trek, and focus on smaller, more inciting battles with NPCs that are as well endowed as the players fighting them.