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02-25-2013, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by john98837 View Post
Sounds like I might have to give the console set a 2nd look once the changes go through.

Any chance of changing the boff layout on the tac version, maybe swapping the lt tac to an ensign tac and giving us an lt eng or sci in its place. Given the global cooldowns there is just no way to use that many tactical boff powers, not unless you want to equip beams on an escort.
Just dump the third tac ensign all together.

There is never a reason for 3 tac ensigns on any ship that will be used for maximum performance, such as the zstore ships. The only ships that have three tac positions are escorts and cannons are the order of the day since torps are so lame and have limited applicability from performance stand point. (and balance is driven by performance not role play) Ships like cruisers and science vessels would never have 3 tac Boffs, well maybe in a decade when new ship ideas require that kind of expansion.

This is a great ship, the balance issue is due to the fact that dps is king. Really the oddy and the vesta were required to answer the potential of fleet patrol escorts. Imagine the fleet version of a Kumari if one comes out.

Balance could be easier to obtain if players were forced to put one torpedo in the fore weapons of every ship and perhaps cruisers and sci ships have a torp/mine in the rear. This could be done by separating the weapons slots from general weapons slots to kinetic and energy slots.