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Tractor beams are stupid because they are CLEARLY not made from tractors. Tractor Beam Repulsors make a great deal of sense since they are beams that repulse tractors (which is what space ships are made of).

In all seriousness, tractor beams ARE standard equipment, but novel use of them in combat requires skill, presumably, on the part of the tractor beam control guy. "Tractor Hold" would be a better name, sure. I kind of miss the tractors from Starfleet Command, which could be used to quietly and respectfully slam enemy ships directly into planets or asteroids.
This is true, all starships have tractor beams, there's at least one mission in game that ends with you using your tractor beam to tow a ship to the nearest starbase or something like that (though you don't actual see it happen, your BO just tells you).

The BO ability power represents a skilled officer who's able to use it offensively, in the middle of combat while you're taking evasive maneuvers, on a ship actively trying to prevent it. Anyone without that ability can be considered simply not skilled enough to use the ship's tractor beams effectively in a combat situation.

...and also probably hasn't seen a real tractor before, much less a beam of them.
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