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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
I'm still looking for help with this... Just thought I'd mention that..
I have not forgotten about you.

My intent was to respond to the tactical build as I feel it is what I could offer the most assistance with. So all information in my response was in fact intended for a tac. Looking over your second post though I see that you're flying escorts on both toons. The specs for this should be very similar as the ship type (BOff powers) offen determines a lot of what a spec will specialize in. After looking at the first spec I suggest the following:

-This is not "tanking" related, but try to get 3 points in energy weapon special. That accounts for the majority of the bonus you can get for crits (both CrtD and CrtH) from skill points.

-Put a couple (2) points in subsystem repair if possible. It can help your survivability issues and lower your vunerability to the large amount of VM being used lately.

-Flow caps depend on what weapon you settle for. The last I heard it is only working for weapons that drain energy, so Tetryon and Polaron. It used to add to the plasma DOT, but I understand it no longer does. It also used to effect BFI DOff healing which Bort thankfully fixed.

-For a tacscort, I do not understand the purpose in having point allocation in particle gens or subspace decompiler. If you intend to continue flying tac/sci, you could try leaving 3 points in each, but as it stands now, you have 30,000/300,000 (10%) of your points allocated towards 2 sci specific skills. To my knowledge, the only escort that can make good use of this is a MVAE.

-Again, regarding sensors, 6 points is a pretty heavy investment for a tacscort. I also saw someone post that FOMM is currently not working with sensor skill.

-From my understanding of Inertial Dampers, they do not help against player holds, only NPC ones. You could probably take a couple points out of there and put them elsewhere.

Most of what you are probably experiencing with tanking probably has to do with the new shield passives, human BOffs being fixed, and the recent appearance of Elite Fleet Shields with TypeA and TypeB modifiers, which stack to give 35% resistance to energy weapons. 20% base resistance to all energy with 15% additional to specific energy types.

As far as engineercaptain powers go, I am not very knowledgeable in that department.

This is an exellent resource for speccing:

Feel free to contact me in game with questions.