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02-25-2013, 04:23 PM
The Atrox is a fine ship, quite possibly the strongest Sci vessel on the Fed side.

And that was before my last couple upgrades, I really need a newer parse.

Experimental Romulan Plasma Array, Romulan Hyper Torpedo Launcher, Omega Torpedo Launcher
Adapted Maco set, or 2pc adapted maco + maco shield. Either is a good choice.
KCB, 2xRomulan Plasma Turrets (I went with accx2, the old standby)

Deuterium Surplus, Auxiliary Battery, Red Matter Capacitor (Scorpions or maybe a Plasma turret here if you don't have a RMC), Sub Space Field Modulator.

Neutronium Hull Plate, Zero point Energy Conduit, Isometric Charge (Worth every penny, or you could put your asimulated module here.
Field generator, 3xromulan threat consoles, particle generator, +plasma damage. I went -threat, I'd rather a good eng cruiser tank for me, even tho I can pull it off in a pinch.
2xPlasma Projectile Consoles.

2x Elite Scorps

Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern:Beta 1
EP2S1, Aux2Batt1, Eng Team 3
Hazard Emitters 1, Tractor Beam Repulsors 1, Energy Siphon 2, Gravity Well 3
Transfer Shield Strength 1, Tachyon Beam 2, Viral Matrix 1

3xA2B Technician Doffs - reduces cooldown on boff abilities on use of Aux2Batt
Gravemetric Scientist - Chance to spawn aftershock gravity wells
Systems Engineer(? I always forget their name...) - Chance to spawn aftershock Viral Matrix

I'm not at the helm at the moment, but I have my ship power set partway between aux and weapon, and I use the energy siphon and A2B to keep my weapon power topped off as often as possible. As most of your damage comes from torps weapon power is not as important as it is elsewise, but it is still a concern so I start most fights with my ES as soon as possible and then fire off my A2B when the cooldown on ES has reached between 40 and 30 seconds. Then ES again as soon as I have some Aux power back from the A2B. That reduces the cooldowns on my skills a fair amount, and keeps my power levels as high over time as I can manage. Aux battery for emergencies when you need a quick heal after you had to A2B, RMC as a backup for that, or to be used in times where your ES/A2B cycle is either broken or you are holding back for a burst window or somesuch.

Romulan Reputation is pure win for an Atrox Pilot, work it as soon as you can. The Adapted Maco is another great addition, so I'd say work both.
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