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02-25-2013, 06:02 PM
Couple of thoughts on the leeches.
First, report them, every time, all the time. Goal here is to show Cryptic and PWE how bad it is; since they value "metrics" so much, contribute to them by filing reports.

Another thing that can be done, specifically to Big Dig, Gorn Mine field and Klingon scout force, each of the Daily mission have you gather 4 items. Make that a part of the actual mission and make them not count for the group, only the person. this will in these instances mean that your leech will have to do at least something. As far as PVP I'm not sure, botting can get around a lot of activity requirements so I can't really think of things to help.

First and foremost, flood them with reports; let them know you're not happy, IF they truly Value you the player they will respond.
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