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02-25-2013, 05:06 PM
I made a similar build with a sci captain flying Recon Sci Vessel, using 2 photons and romulan torp front and 3 tetryon turrets aft for additional kick to shields. With 3 projectile doffs giving almost 50% proc chance and procing for all torps on cool down, I get torps shooting after global cool down almost all the time. I'm using 2-piece Adapted MACO (KHG-equivalent) set for torpedo damage bonus and the nice science skill bonuses from the deflector. My boffs are not efficient, and I don't cycle boff abilities. I use High Yield and Spread on tac, and also Gravity Well and Polarize Hull on sci boffs. My flow capacitors also aren't buffed up as much by consols because I also use one for Graviton Generators and one for Particle Generators to buff up my Gravity Well. I use higer rank tractor beam, though, since it lasts longer thus giving more of a total shield drain.

I do 3-4k dps in stfs which is not great but it is without shield drains which are not logged by the game. Not a killer ship or anything, especially with my high-dps team that wipes the mobs in seconds, but still able to contribute necessary effort to a quick elite stf.