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I really enjoyed this entry on several levels. The interaction between Alyosha and Admiral N'Riuw were rather amusing,
I had a little fun letting Alyosha remind N'Riuw that you can't always make guesses about someone based on stereotypes.

That was one of those scenes that snuck up on me while I was writing. I had no idea there'd even be such a character as N'Riuw until he showed up onscreen, and I "saw" what he looked like.

I get the feeling that, however illogical it is, N'Riuw kept his eyepiece not just because he uses its functionality, but on some irrational level he feels like it's a big middle finger to the Borg any time they are dumb enough to hail his ship.

but more than that, I loved the scene in which Alyosha was in his true form, and the differences in his perceptions of his surroundings compared to the normal Human condition, and how he was able to perceive the energy patterns in the beings explained excellently why he has such respect for life.
His shapeshifting capabilities (to judge by "Time's Arrow") don't operate on the same principles as a Founder's, so I think that at least on a sensory level he is unchanged while in human form. That said, I think sometimes he restricts his visual field so as to avoid creeping people out by acting like he's got eyes in the back of his head. ("You behind me on the science station! Stop updating your Spacebook status and get back to work!")

I would figure that a being who evolved as he did would have some sense for the neural energy he is capable of feeding on. But I think that his upbringing and his beliefs give him a different sort of aesthetic appreciation than a "normal" Devidian, whose judgments would be more akin to judging the quality of wine as it goes down. Alyosha can appreciate it as it is, left alone "in nature," so to speak.

I'm not really sure whether his neuroelectric sense is a supplement to one of the five senses that we know as humans, or something else entirely, but he definitely does make aesthetic judgments about it.

I thought it was also a really nice touch as how th'Valek was almost aware of his presence on a subconscious level
I'm not sure if th'Valek really sensed Alyosha's presence or not, since I don't know whether Aenar telepathy is SO powerful that it can sense things that are in a different phase. That said, Deanna Troi seemed to be able to sense the fear from the Devidians' victims in "Time's Arrow." Whether that was due to the triolic pattern enhancers, I'm not sure.

But if any non-Devidian would have a chance, it would be th'Valek, since Alyosha and Thraz are so close that they are almost like brothers.

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sparklysoldier, gulberat: you both almost made me cry, damn you.
Sparklysoldier definitely got to me, too.
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