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02-25-2013, 05:29 PM
My first ever foundry mission, will be my first ever foundry substitution, how intriguing eh? It'll be such a surprise if mine got spotlighted. XD

Mission Name: Temporal Investigations
Your @Handle: @enterprise629
Minimum Level: Any Level
Faction: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 30 - 45 (Single player)

(Please note: May take longer if in a team, unsure if you can do foundry with teams though, haven't been a member for that long, but thought I should mention it).

Mission Summary:

A Temporal Agent from the future has contacted you, asking for assistance.

Who'da thought it?

The Tholians have traveled back into the past, specifically to the year 2063. When you're assigned to intervene with Tholian plans to change the future, you find yourself having no options to return to your own time.

Time has already began to re-write itself and experiencing temporal flux, unless you can stop it.

The rest, you could say: "is simply history".

Storyboard: 100% done.
Mapping: 100% done.
Dialog: 100% done.

About to publish mission around 9:30am Wed PST. 5:30pm (which I am) GMT.

Posting 1/2 an hour early as I need to see my new born cousin, born on the 26th Feb. :3

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