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Preston: Good.. See it done. *His face is ashen.. and dark.. and heavy.. and ends the comm..* For the good of the galaxy... I must take the sins of this world.. The sins to change the galaxy.. To unite them for the greater good..
Tal sits on his bridge. Watching the sensor readouts while the enemy ship is hours away the ship still can detect them.

Shedai battle carrier

Name: malevolant

Length: 2 miles

Width : .75 miles

Crew: 9500

Shields: 2 shield generators. The only ship in the empire with better shields is a starbase.

Weapons: 58 shedai phaser canons. 18 shedai phaser banks.
Shedai phaser are basically taken the best aspect of every weapon and putting it into one.
10 multi phasic quantumn torpedoe bays.

45 shedai titan fighters.

Shedai advanced armor hull.