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*Dorman's vessel pulls up to the Black Phantom enroute*

*Dorman comes on the viewscreen*

Dorman: Captain I am sending engineers to adapt your weapons and systems to put up more of a fight against the ships of the line of the 26th century. Omega weapons are a start but we are going to incorporate zeta radiation into it so it will damage them.. This ship is dependable but we need to put this relic up to snuff.
Voporak: Relic... bleh. *he unmutes his end* Beam aboard as soon as you're ready. Just don't touch the tactical science lab, the torpedo bay, or Door 07 on Deck 4. It would probably be better for your health if you didn't go in those places.
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YAY I'M EVOLVED! *drools on his chin*
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Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.