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I have a problem with one of my mission. It was supposed to be easy, and in the end it's a nightmare. Also, I'm running out of red shirts.
Before I start, the mission is not a BOFF grinder or whatever. It's part of the story.

The situation : I have several Mastiffs (same bug with targs, and I any melees) inside a small "arena" made of invisible walls and broken forcefield. Since they can move through the forcefield, I need the invisible walls to "stop" them. I can't use rocks, or anything else than forcefield and invisible wall.
Then, several ensigns appear inside the "arena". Mastiffs and ensigns fight, ensigns loose, the player can't do anything. Sound easy.
However, the mastiffs AND the ensigns go THROUGH the invisible wall, and then start a battle royale with the player. It seems they get "stuck" when reaching the wall, for some unknown reason, and are teleported on the other side.
Also, it seems the more invisible walls I use, the more likely they will get teleported. The more mastiffs I have, the more likely they will get teleported.

I'm working for a solution since a week, and it's driving me nuts. So far, on 3 "arenas" situations, 2 are working as intended, 1 is not. And they are EXACTLY the same.

The mission is not published, because of this bug, and Tribble is down, so I can't show you (I have a tribble "crashtest" mission).

If someone have an advice, that would be awesome.

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