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*Voporak looks Dorman up and down, on his very small and somewhat dark bridge*

Voporak: Old newtypes... that sounds like a good story.
*As they work quickly they are soon discuss the Newtypes.*

Dorman: You see Newtypes were discovered back in 2412 when the late Fleet Admiral soon had headaches terrible ones and he went into a coma.. *Brings up the file on Newtypes and how far they speculate they go.. in the past.. including Gary Mitchell*

You see by the time Former Starfleet Captain Northman went through a similar change but attacked the galaxy with new ships and weaponry that were based on the Omega particle and 7 of 9's research on the particle. This lead to a bloody war that scarred the galaxy for decades.. This also brought Rommel and the Raiser's artificial Newtype experiments that eventually were still continued.

Caspian IV was the final battle of the conflict with Northman and you felt the area.... So much will was present in that area because of the frames of the vessels and of Allen's willpower... to prevent harm...