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02-25-2013, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by resoundingenvoy View Post
Ok, so tricobolt mines where doing damage so massive they had to be nerfed before even proper testing could be done to realized how cross linked things had become. Basically, if I understand, they allowed people with a certain setup to kill someone without a equally absurd counter. (A setup ignoring all else just for that). They could do this on a 60 second timer. Not only did this have to be stopped, it had to be stopped right this second, and to hell with the consequences.

So I stopped repressing how bad PvP has been borked to realize something: HDC setups with tactical captains have been doing enough damage to burn through 24K+ shields and 80-90% of 50K hull in under one second, in one volley. Assuming the first volly didn't work? There are at worst another three to four on the way before the first ability that allows it expires. This can be done on a 30-90 second timer.

This has been going on for more then a year.


If one scenario merits a nerf, why does the other not? was like this since launch. pvp here is a joke.